There is too much information, how can I narrow it down?

One of the criticisms of Form Ratings is that the Race Cards are just too complicated, and there's too much information.  We have provided some new guides to help show you what the columns headers mean, where we get the information for the LR, what SPD means, what HRS means and information on what our FRN is.

Knowing what the Ratings mean, is the first step, then we look to finding ways to use the ratings, this we call systems.  A series of rules if you like which form a system of selecting horses.  There's an abundance of systems out there, and more are tried, tested and tweaked everyday by our members in our members only Facebook Group.

Our very own Rob wrote a book called 47 Horse Racing Betting Systems, which mostly use our ratings and other sources of data for selecting winners.  

In our Knowledgebase we are building a library of systems which you have access to, which you can try, test for yourself and tweak as you become confident in using our ratings.  We turn a lot of these systems into Smart Selections, for those Gold members who want short cuts to using our ratings, and a more automated offering.  Our Smart Selections show you the selections for the day, based on a growing number of systems which we have automated for you.

However, there's nothing like diving in and playing with the numbers yourself though, and for that, we would recommend that you take a look at our Simplest System to Start with - this should help get you going using our ratings.

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