Where do you get your data?

Our horse racing data is collected from various different sources - the UK and Ireland horse racing database, multiple data analytical software, and compared with historical results and live price data. We then take all that information, and plug it into our supercomputer, and apply our unique data science algorithm to compare hundreds of thousands of data points every day, and narrow them down to the Simple Six.

Of course we can't share with you all our secrets, but to help you understand the data science behind our ratings, I'll try to demonstrate the make up of the HRS ( Horse Race Score).

So we take our Form Factors such as:

  • Track
  • Previous Performance
  • Ground
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Quality of the Race
  • Official Ratings
  • Weight
  • And more than 100 others which you can read about on our Form Factors page

We take more than 100 data points into account, run them through our algorithm to calculate the most important factors, and narrow those 100 factors down to give you one simple HRS number

For all our ratings, the higher the number the better the chances, and as we have explained on the Getting Started guide, each one should be used to compile the likely outcome of the race.

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