Have you got the results for Form Ratings?

Currently we track all of our Smart Selections since they have been added to the site.  

These strategies are asked for by our team and by our Platinum Members, and involve various filters to the Form Ratings.  

Using the results will help you to find how a particular strategy is working.  It will also enable you to make better betting decisions, by trying out different betting strategies depending on the results of the strategy (win, lay or place).  

Using the strategies will help you find angles to improve your betting decisions based on the ratings in line with this article on narrowing the selections.

Here's the list in order of when they have been added to the site:

Four Tops

Best Last Time

Ideally Suited

Box Tickers

Fast Four

Four Last Run

False Favourites

Most Expected

Well Placed

One Two… Place

We Scored

Dark Horses


Better & Better

Built For Speed

Rated & Scored

Slow Speedy

Tick Four Boxes

Tick Six Boxes

Last Run 10+

Last Run 25+

Number 16

FRN 30+

FRN 40+

FRN 50+

HRS 5+

HRS 10+

Progressive FRN+

Progressive FRN 10+

Progressive FRN 20+

Progressive FRN 30+

Progressive Shorts

Progressive HRS+

Rated Non Handicap with History

Fast Four SPD

Fast Four HRS

Every Loser Wins

Place McPlace Face

Bounce Back Better

Our Place

A couple of notes:

  • We only added place points and lay points on the 1st June, so there is no data prior to this date for any of the tables.
  • Smart Selections are being added all the time, as we add them, we’ll add this to this page, and include when they were started so you can see why some data appears to be missing.
  • Following member feedback we changed the calculations to show returns per point rather than profit.  This occurred on the 1st June 2021 rollout.

Results Summary

A full summary from our Smart Selections since July can be found on Results Summary page.

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