What’s the simplest system to start with?

There are lots of different systems to start with and it can be overwhelming.  

One system that is really easy to get started with is simply choosing the highest FRN rated horses of the day, and narrowing down to the best 4 horses.  This will provide you with 4 solid horses which have a good chance of winning.  

If you are a Gold member, then you will find that we have helped you with this, as it's one of our Smart Selections.  We have automatically picked out the top 4 horses of the day for you, saving hours of research.

As you become more confident with the ratings, you will no doubt quickly spot that if you combine a couple of columns, your choices become more refined and more likely to win in a race.  

Remember our Top Tip!

Always paper trade new strategies to ensure that they are as profitable as they can be.

Also many of our members share their strategies in our Facebook Group.

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