What do the column headers mean?

More information, here's what the column headers on our Race Card mean, and how some of the ratings are calculated:

No - The horse number in the race Horse - The name of the horse Age - The horses age

LR - A score for the horse's performance in it's Last Race 

2LR - A score for the horse's performance in it's 2nd to Last Race 

3LR - a score for the horse's performance in it's 3rd Last Race 

SPD - Speed Rating - based on it's most recent race, and is weighted so that more recent race is scored higher than a race which was a while ago

HRS - Horse Race Score - how the horse has run in race scenarios most similar to the current race.  includes factors like jockey, trainer, distance, when it last run etc 

FRN - Form Ratings Number - strongest overall rating, with lots of secret sauce, taking in  the most form factors into consideration.  The higher the number the better the rating. 

Odds - these are the Forecast Odds for the race

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