What Are Smart Selections?

Our gold membership offers a done for you service to help you with a lot of strategies.   Listening to our members, we look for patterns in the data which you would like to use in your systems, and we create a Smart Selection for you.  This means the system will automatically find horses which meet your strategy.  So if you are looking for the top rated horses, one of our Smart Selections will show you those horses.  If you are looking for a horse which is 25 points clear of the next best, then we'll show you them all.

This is a time saver!  We save you having to wade through all the cards to find the horses that meet the strategy you want to adopt!

Remember though: 

The Smart Selections are NOT "tips". They automatically filter ALL the data into the horses that meet set criteria - you can (and should) cast a human eye over them, apply common sense (they might be top rated for speed, but that means little on heavy going), and integrate them into your own betting strategy - applying your own staking plans, each-way or place betting, lay systems, etc."

If you are a Bronze or Silver member, here’s how you can DIY with these Smart Selections:

Four Tops:

As the Four Tops name suggests, these are the top 4 horses today who have the highest FRN of all Race Cards.

Ideally Suited: 

These are horses which have the top 4 horses of the day, with the highest HRS score 

Best Last Time:

Top Rated, highest FRN first, with 1st horse having LR 25 or more than 2nd horse.

Box Tickers:

These are horses who ranked in the top 4 FRN (Form Ratings Number) who also have the top ratings for LR (Last Race), SPD (Speed) & HRS (Horse Race Score) in their races.

Fast Four:

Top Four Horses with the highest SPD (Speed Rating) to highlight the Fast Four.

Four Last Run:

Our Four Last Run systems drills down the top 4 ranked horses which have the highest ranked LR (Last Race) across all the day’s race cards.

Most Expected:

Top rated horses across all the cards, where the FRN (Form Ratings Number), LR (Last Race), HRS (Horse Race Score) and SPD (Speed Rating) are the highest for their card.
There’s also an added filter that the FRN (Form Ratings Number) is at least 25 points higher than the next best in the race.
Forecast odds are less than 3/1.

Well Placed:
This system is essentially looking for horses that place….well. It filters out Top Rated Horses across the Form Ratings cards, where the 1st and 2nd horses are less than 25 point apart and the odds of the 2nd horse are more than 4/1 on our forecast odds.

One, Two... Place:

Top Rated Highest FRN first selections and are ideal for short priced places, with odds better than Evens and under 4/1. Use a Place Bet (not each way)

We Scored:

Top Rated, highest FRN (Form Ratings Number) first, with the first horse having an FRN score of 25 or more than the second horse.
Odds are more than Evens from our forecast odds.

Dark Horses:

Our Dark Horse selections are horses which have no previous data, so their first outing, often higher odds, but as they are unproven, their performance will be difficult to predict. Usually worth looking at as part of a lay strategy

The following are open to our Platinum Members:


Look for horses with an LR, which must be higher than the 2LR which is higher than the 3LR 

False Favourites:

Look for three horses with better HRS score than the market leader who should also not have the highest FRN 

Better & Better:

Look for horses where the SPD rating is at least 10 points clear of next best.  Discount races where the distance is greater than 1 mile. 

Built For Speed:

Look for horses where the LR is better than the 2LR or 3LR in races which have full ratings.  Discount races where there are more than one qualifying horse. 

Rated & Scored:

Look for horses which have the highest FRN & HRS on each card. 

Slow & Speedy:

You're looking for losers for this one. It’s based on looking solely at the SPD column, finding the horses which have top rating for SPD, but not for any other column. 

Tick Four Boxes:

Look for horses which score the highest on any four of our Simple Six 

Tick Six Boxes:

Look for horses which score the highest on all of our Simple Six. 

Last Run 10+:

Look for horses which score at least 10 points clear of the next best in the LR rating. 

Last Run 25+:

Look for horses which score at least 25 points clear of the next best in the LR rating. 

Last Run 40+:

Look for horses which score at least 40 points clear of the next best in the LR rating.

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