What do I get for Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum?

We have 4 levels of membership, depending on how much data you would like access to at Form Ratings.

Our simplest level is Bronze, great for those of you who want to see some data each day, not want to have access to all the race cards, but enough to test out a few strategies. You'll have full access to the first 5 Race Cards of the day. We also give you a nudge in the right direction with some starter strategies for Bronze members - which specifically use those first 5 cards.

*As with all our strategies, the most successful of our members use them as a starting point for their own strategies which are often more profitable.*

Silver membership unlocks all the cards for the day. You'll have access to all the race cards, showing our ratings for each and every horse running in today's races. You'll be able to sort the cards by each rating, and download the cards to your choice of spreadsheet for further research. You can use any of our strategies using the data on a Silver membership (sometimes along with other sources).

Gold membership provides you with all the data that Silver offers, but also unlocks our Auto-selecting tool for 10 of our Strategies which we call Smart Selections. With our Smart Selections, the system generates a list of horses which qualify as selections under a particular strategy that you choose. - So our Four Tops strategy for example, looks for the 4 horses who are highest rated across all the cards by the FRN rating. The Smart Selection will show you those 4 horses on a page, which saves you time filtering the cards - nice and easy.

***As with our strategies, the Smart Selections are used by the most successful of our members as a starting point for their own strategies which is where the profit lies.***

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