Can I pay monthly/quarterly/annually?

We currently offer our memberships on a monthly basis. This enables you to be in control of your membership, and not be tied in for long periods to one which is not suitable for you. This means you can upgrade/downgrade your membership to test new strategies and to access our smart selections as it suits you.

We offer a number of payment choices for memberships to Form Ratings. The most popular by far is our monthly membership, this is a no contract, no commitment way of joining Form Ratings. New members tend to choose this to give a test drive to our ratings and the strategies within.

After a few months, it's not uncommon for members to switch to our annual option which basically means you get two months free.

You can switch plans at any time in your My Account section, both between membership levels and payment terms.

We also have a quarterly option available for Platinum members, for a small discount on the monthly price.

Look out for special promotions in your inbox, which will enable you to try different payment schedules, or different membership levels.

Form Ratings Membership Levels

Here's links to all our membership options or checkout this page (

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