Is Silver or Gold Membership Better?

Silver gives you access to all of the race cards for each day’s racing across the UK & Ireland.  Each race card has all of our ratings available for you to choose from.  As well as all of the race cards for both UK & Ireland, Gold members also get our automatically generated Smart Daily Selections, which analyses the cards for you and selects the top horses based on our tried & tested systems.

We like to explain our services thus:

Bronze - a taster and a cost free way of trying out our selections on a limited number of race cards.

Silver - is our do it yourself service, we give you all the cards for all the races in the UK and Ireland.  You can do with them what you will, test out your own theories, try out our systems and find your own profitable strategies.

Gold  - is our done with you service.  We give you all the tools as Silver get, the race cards, the systems, the only difference is that we give you the horses to back based on a number of systems which we recommend, that have shown consistent profit over the years.  Saving you hours of research and filtering the horses yourself.

Feel free to compare what both Silver & Gold offer here -

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