How can I see previous days ratings cards?


By Form Ratings

updated 6 months ago

The cards for each day are live on site and are stored for each day.  You’ll find all of the previous days race cards with all of the Form Ratings on here -  The calendar section has quick links to all the historical Form Ratings and cards for you.

You can see the last 5 days Race Cards on the Today's Cards page too by clicking on the date you would like to view:

You can also quickly get to the month you need too, by following the links like this -
Simply change the 09 part to whichever month number you need. 08 for August, 07 for July etc.

Each day has the URL structure like this - so you can change that to whatever day you wish to go back to as well.

Racecards are generated at 8pm each day for all of the racing in the UK & Ireland and you'll find the latest ones at

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