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The FRN, or Form Ratings Number is the score that our form algorithm calculates from over 30 different form factors.  You can read more about the FRN on our FRN Knowledgebase article.

There's no surprising that our members use the FRN as a starting point for most of their systems.  In the video below we look at 3 ways of using the FRN to select potential horses for your betting, plus there's a bonus place system in there too.  If you would rather read about the systems, scroll past the video:

FRN System 1 - Top Two Rated Horses

This one is really simple, it basically takes the top 2 horses rated by FRN from each card.  It does mean that there's an awful lot of bets to place, but doing this will return a profit.  If, like many of our members, you want to boost your returns, it would be prudent to use this as a starting point, to narrow the field so to speak.  

FRN System 2 - Top Rated Horses of the Day

Looking at all the horses running, rank them all by FRN, and select the horses with the best FRN of the day.

FRN System 3 - Top Rated by Far

Revisiting System 1 above, look at the top two horses rated in each race, and calculate the difference in points between them.  Do this for all the cards, and then place your bets on the horses with the greatest points difference between the first and second rated.

A variation on this would be to decide on a points difference, so some members report a 30 clear points between the top and second rated returns a good amount of profit.

Bonus FRN Place System

Take a look at the FRN and select those with the highest FRN (you could further filter with the points difference method above), then look at their forecast odds, if the odds are high enough to deliver place value, then it could be worth a cheeky place bet. 

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