How do I find horses to Lay?

One of the ways to use our Form Ratings is to find horses which you can Lay on the Betfair exchange.  This means to bet that they are not going to win the race.

In reality, you are taking on the role of the bookmaker, accepting another person's bet that the horse will win.  Therefore there is a liability to be paid, should the selection win (and you lose).

So when you are looking for horses that are not going to win, you can take some of the indicators in our ratings to narrow your selections.

  • Odds under 3/1 - reduce liability
  • LR data worsening - an indicator that horses performance is worsening

The easiest thing to say, is to choose the horses that are top of the market at the bookmakers - so the shortest forecast odds.  This identifies the market.  You then need to look at our ratings to find the indicators.

Look to the LR columns, you are looking for the horses which show that their performance is worsening, so the 3LR number is higher than the 2LR and the LR is the lowest it's been.

That should identify the horses which you should Lay.

Let's take a look at this system in action:

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